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NPS – our number for 2021

2020, what a year!

We know we’re not alone in feeling like that. But where we think we are a little different, particularly compared to some in the recruitment industry, is how we’re going to measure success in 2021.

Throughout 2020 we learned an awful lot. We saw the human side in each other, learned to embrace it and came out stronger on the other side.

Despite some great client relationships, one thing that became clear is that it was an area we needed to improve. In some cases, we’d been a little bit too transactional in our approach.

Quite quickly, we talked about the desire to move from this spot business approach, where we focused on the short-term win, to one where we focused on developing true partnerships, shifting efforts to developing the longer-term relationship.

In an industry where relationships are key and you often hear dating analogies used, you could think of it as moving from a Tinder model to an experience more commonly associated with Tiffany & Co.

That set our mindset for much of 2020, and we were curious to see how this reflected within our NPS.  

First and foremost, what is NPS or Net Promoter Score? It’s the measurement of customer experience by asking the question “would you recommend us to a friend or colleague?” Scores can range from -100 to +100, with anything above +50 is recognised as “world class.”

We’ve talked about NPS for a couple of years, but last year was the first where we’ve regularly reviewed our score and put in place specific plans to improve it.

So how did we fare during a pandemic vs the previous year? In a good way, a shocking result.

In 2019, our NPS totalled +39. A score we were proud of but knew had room for improvement.

VS. 2020. Our NPS shot up to +60, something we were beyond excited to see.

So, taking that onboard, what will we be planning for 2021?

Continuing to strive to deliver a first-class client experience. We want to be here for advice, insights, connections and to build a community, not just a one-off transaction. For us that means strengthening existing relationships before we run on to the next opportunity. Being proud enough about what we do to realise that we don’t need to try to work with everyone. Putting more resource into helping leaders of startups and scaleups grow.

So, you’ll see us doing more with programmes like Digital Catapult, helping early stage startups with their talent planning. Or bring world class authors to our community through our ‘Meet The Author’ roundtables, to help everyone learn how to improve together.

This might mean we don’t see the immediate results from chasing the quick buck, but we’re confident it means we build more sustainable results in the long term. Partnering with companies at an earlier stage, building our trust and credibility.

If this sounds like the relationship that you’d value when you need to trust someone with helping you to find great people, we’d love to talk more about how we work. Hopefully, you can help us get nearer to that +100 NPS that we’re dreaming of!

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