Life at ISL

Who we are:

ISL is a Bristol based recruitment consultancy with a difference.

As an employer we challenge many of the norms of the recruitment industry.

We want to be a great place to work, creating an inspirational environment which promotes:





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We’ve grown steadily since 2007 by hiring experienced and highly motivated employees. As we continue growing within IT, Engineering and Public Sector, we recognise that the teams we create are instrumental to our success.

What makes us different?

Here at ISL we approach things differently. We understand the aspects of recruitment that many consultants dislike and make the job unnecessarily difficult.

We don’t believe in micromanagement and blanket KPI management techniques. We’re really proud to say that we were recently recognised for our approach to people management at the CIPD People Management Awards!

Our model is to offer our consultants a mature environment, with autonomy and freedom to run their desk, whilst offering support and guidance.

We believe we can offer an environment that’s as close to setting up your own business without the associated stress, risk and pressure. And you get to work with a great team!

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How can you develop?

We understand that career progression is key to many of our consultants so it’s fully supported and encouraged.

We have different career development routes so you can progress your career in a way that suits your skill set.

Personal development and career progression of our employees is reviewed on a quarterly basis, and is a key discussion point during our monthly 1:1 review meetings.




Principal Consultant

Team Leader

Practice Leader

  Support Roles

Sales Performance Coach

Internal Recruitment Manager

Office Support


 Future Roles

Business Development Manager




What do we look for?

Our consultants are what makes ISL successful and create our unique culture, so we are looking for the best talent around.

You’ll need to demonstrate professionalism, drive and tenacity to succeed.

In line with our culture of autonomy and independent working, you’ll need to be highly self-motivated, results orientated and disciplined.

Where we work

We moved into our office 1 year ago, we are based in central bristol on Baldwin Street (conveniently located next to St Nicholas market for amazing lunches!). We spent a long time choosing the right office, location was important, as was finding a space that we would enjoy working in!

ISL Recruitment Bristol Office where we work 2
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What we do for fun

Although we believe in working hard, we also want everyone to have fun at work! These are a few of the things we do throughout the year…

  •   Monthly incentives & rewards
  •   Quarterly team incentives & rewards
  •   6 monthly incentive (currently an all-expense paid trip to the Algarve!)
  •   Individual rewards for personal achievement
  •   Weekly fitness training sessions
  •   Team ISL Tough Mudder Entry
  •   Half year conference & celebration (This year at the Avon Gorge Hotel)
  •   Regular company socials
  •   Charity events
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Case studies

Emma from ISL Recruitment Bristol


Why did you join ISL?

I joined ISL because I wanted to work for a recruitment company that mirrored my values and had a great culture. Having worked in recruitment for over 8 years, and having experienced a range of recruitment cultures, it was important to me that ISL was a company which highly valued their culture and create an excellent working environment.

What is the best part of working at ISL?

The best part of working at ISL is our management style and our directors. Alan & Henry promote an environment in which consultants have a high degree of autonomy, flexibility and decision making power in regards to how they run their desk. Our directors do not believe in micromanagement, however they are extremely approachable and always on hand to offer guidance and support.

How would you describe the culture in 3 words?

Mature. Autonomous. Fun!

Joe ISL recruitment cases


Why did you join ISL?

I was attracted to ISL for two reasons, firstly I knew I could work well with Alan & Henry’s personalities. Secondly, ISL offer one of the most attractive salary packages in Bristol- high basic salaries coupled with an excellent commission scheme and plenty of incentives.

What is the best part of working at ISL?

The fact that I have control over my work, I can decide which clients I work with, which roles I work, how I prioritise my day, and how I manage my client/ candidate relationships. As we don’t have generic KPI’s I can focus on tasks that actually drive value to my desk and can work in a flexible way.

How do you see your career at ISL developing?

ISL has introduced two primary career development routes, a people management route, and a primary consultant route focusing on sales and BD. I am currently working with ISL management to identify which route would suit my skillset and what I need to demonstrate to reach promotion.

Roxy ISL recruitment cases


Why did you join ISL?

I joined ISL because the people and the culture really stood out to me as being different from the norms in recruitment.

What is the best part of working at ISL?

As well as the team being great and a good group of people to work with, the training and development at ISL is fantastic. I would describe ISL as a very supportive environment, the directors at ISL are keen to invest in your development, and provide a lot of training opportunities. I really value Henry & Alan’s open door policy, and know that they are always available to offer guidance.

Best perks of working at ISL?

•  Modern, bright, spacious office
•  The fantastic ISL incentives and activities, we normally do at least one fun activity a month
•  …The free Friday bacon sandwiches are a plus too!

Alix ISL recruitment cases


Why did you join ISL?

ISL stood out to me because it offers autonomy, and the ability to truly make my own decisions about my work.

What is the best part of working at ISL?

Being able manage my own desk WITHOUT being micromanaged and having to constantly report on KPI’s. Equally, ISL offers a great working environment, a modern office, a great team, excellent remuneration and lots of rewards and incentives.

The ISL culture in 3 words:

Flexible, rewarding, entrepreneurial

If you have any questions about life at ISL, or would like to learn more about current opportunities at ISL, please get in touch for an informal chat:

Samantha Patten

Internal Recruitment Manager

Samantha Patten

  0117 4280600


If you have any questions about life at ISL, or would like to learn more about current opportunities at ISL, please get in touch for an informal chat:

Samantha Patten

Internal Recruitment Manager

Samantha Patten

  0117 4280600


Live Roles

Facebook Feed

ISL Recruitment

ISL has grown steadily year on year through recruiting only experienced recruitment professionals that share our values and have wanted to join an organisation that offers a mature, flat structured, autonomous working environment. We are extremely proud of our very low staff turnover and we believe that this is down not only to the company culture and high earning potentials we offer, but also the fact we allow our consultants full scope to decide upon and own a market of their choice, with the ability to own client relationships to service both permanent and contract assignments. 2014 has seen our first successful Training Academy, where we recruited 4 Trainee Recruitment Consultants and trained them into full fledged Recruitment Consultants taking on their individual Vertical Markets within the business. This, going forward will be included in our successful Expansion for the future.
ISL Recruitment
ISL Recruitment1 day ago
One of our tech teams celebrating hitting their quarterly targets by enjoying a spot of wine tasting at Veeno! @ Veeno - The Italian Wine Cafe
ISL Recruitment
ISL Recruitment4 days ago
Engineering team at their dirt buggy driving incentive yesterday! @ Weston Lodge Shooting Ground

The ISL Training academy

If you’re considering a career in recruitment but don’t have previous experience then our Recruitment Training Academy could be the answer.

Through the academy you will receive a comprehensive, market leading training programme, during which you will be trained on the whole lifecycle of a Recruitment Consultant, covering all aspects of the recruitment role.

Irrespective of your current profession or educational status if you believe you display the character traits below, then our academy could offer you the perfect route into a successful recruitment career:


Strong Work Ethic





Goal focused

Goal Focused

Want some help deciding if recruitment is the correct career path for you? Then read the stories of some of our previous successful academy graduates.  


Why did you choose to pursue a career in recruitment?

I knew I wanted to work in a fast paced, commission driven environment where I was able to control my own earning potential. Recruitment was a natural choice!

Why did you choose ISL?

Knowing a few people who worked at ISL, I knew that it would be the right place for me. The autonomous culture and fun team atmosphere really appealed to me. The fact that I would have the freedom to my do role without being micromanaged was important.

How would you describe the academy?

A group based comprehensive training program that covered all aspects of the recruitment consultant role. Predominately practical training, with the right mix of theory and best practice. A good amount of support and advice from the experienced consultants, definitely a team culture where people are happy to help you out.

What do you think are top 3 attributes someone would need to join the academy?

Resilience, Confidence, Motivated

Jon ISL recruitment cases


Why did you choose to pursue a career in recruitment?

I wanted a career in where I could progress and earn substantial money quickly based on my results and performance, rather than time spent at an organisation and age.

Why did you choose ISL?

I chose ISL based on our directors, when I met Alan and Henry I felt they were the type of people I would enjoy working with. I also met with a number of the consultants and was impressed by how they described the working environment, their positivity, and the social side of the business.

How would you describe the academy?

A great introduction to recruitment, at the end of the 8 week training I felt prepared to move into a 360 consultant role. Doing the training with other trainees makes it a lot more fun, and I liked that they made it competitive with a weekly winner, with decent rewards for winning!

What do you think are top 3 attributes someone would need to join the academy?

Money motivated, Strong work ethic, Resilient

We are now recruiting for our next Academy to start in March 2018! If you are interested in learning more about the academy, please contact us for an initial chat, or submit your CV and any other relevant info!

Samantha Patten

Internal Recruitment Manager

Samantha Patten

  0117 4280600


We will be recruiting for our next Academy from early 2018. If you are interested in learning more about the Academy, please contact our Internal Recruitment Manager, Samantha, for an initial chat or to submit your CV.

Samantha Patten

Internal Recruitment Manager

Samantha Patten

  0117 4280600