Using social media to attract the top tech talent

The average job-seeker uses 18 different resources to research a company before applying to a job, with 79% of candidates using at least one social media platform to assist in their search. Your employer brand and the way you portray your company on social media can have a big impact on the talent you attract, with a strong employer brand leading to 50% more applications from qualified applicants. With the average internet user having 7 social media accounts, utilising a variety of platforms to leverage your online presence is key to attracting top talent.

According to a recent study, 92% of IT professionals visit one or more social or business networking site monthly, with 60% considering themselves as active users. These IT professionals are using social networking sites to share tech related news, blogs, product information, reviews and resources with other technology enthusiasts. With the IT audience looking for something a little different when it comes to employer branding, how can you make the best use of your social media channels to attract the top talent?

Engage in conversation

Social media has changed the way we find and share information. For tech professionals, engaging in subject specific conversations is a highly valued part of social networking. If you’re looking to stand out and attract the top candidates on the market, regularly participate in online conversations with interesting, credible commentary on platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn and you’ll attract plenty of attention.

However, engaging in conversation on social media goes further than commenting on a LinkedIn post or sharing a tweet. To get involved with the most in-demand candidates, you’ll have to be hands on. Most social media platforms include the option to create and join specialist groups where users can freely interact with each other, sharing ideas and opinions. Getting involved in these groups and regularly joining conversations is a great way to build connections with professionals and attract the talent you may have otherwise missed out on. Be involved in conversation consistently and avoid only joining in when you’re recruiting; it may damage your credibility within the market.

Explore niche networks

Whilst it’s great to have a strong presence on the main social networking sites, many tech professionals will also be active on niche networks such as GitHub and Stack Overflow which are great for interacting with online communities. Communicating regularly on tech-focused social sites will help you find potential candidates as well as enhancing your employer brand within the technology industry.

Company culture is key

Two out of three people would leave their current job for the same salary given the opportunity to work at a company with a better culture. Making use of range of social media platforms to showcase your company culture through photos and videos is great for catching the attention of passive candidates and enhancing your overall social media presence. Posting a range of visual content including company goals and values, team socials and external events will help give candidates an authentic insight into your company culture. Find ways to show potential candidates the lifestyle of your employees and give them reasons to want to work for you.

Get your employees involved

The best ambassadors for your company are your employees. 52% of candidates trust employee opinions more than the company CEO, and posts shared by employees receive eight times more engagement than official business accounts. Encouraging your employees to share your brand content and add their own insights will be really valuable in helping you attract the top talent. Keep your social media content updated up with employee photos, interview videos and case studies to show potential candidates what your company is like through the eyes of your employees.

According to a recent study, social media is the most important tool for building and promoting an employer brand. By utilising a range of social media platforms, you’ll build connections with professionals across the industry as well as attracting top candidates. Remember that not all of your audience will be frequent users of social media, so you’ll need to find ways to drive them to your social profiles. For more advice on how to leverage your employer brand, check out our blog how strong is your employer branding?.

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