Your focus: 

Learning recruitment! As a Trainee you’ll have no previous recruitment experience, you’ll be hired based on your ability to demonstrate the traits and characteristics we believe all successful recruiters need to have. If you have those, we know we can teach you the rest.

After 8 intensive training weeks, lead by Oli (our in-house Learning & Development Manager), you’ll be trained in all the key areas of recruitment, and ready to hit the ground running. The training is a combination of best practice theory in our boardroom, and practical application- you’ll be on the phones from day 2.

Post training, you’ll join one of our IT or Engineering teams, operating as a 360 consultant, under the leadership of one of our 4 Team Leaders.

They will guide you to becoming a recruitment legend, from making your first placement, establishing your first repeat business account through to helping you get promoted to Consultant and beyond!

Progression: You’ll be working towards becoming a Consultant (no longer a trainee!). You’ll need to hit your billing target, as well as demonstrating the ISL values and behaviours. As a consultant you’ll receive a pay increase, and start to take on additional responsibilities supporting the next trainees coming into your team.

Support: Oli’s role is to get you up to speed as soon as possible, and support you through that journey. His help will not stop after the initial training, he’s there to help at any time. You’re Team Leader will also be key support to you- use them! 

Who suits this role? Whether you’re a graduate or looking for a career change, a trainee recruitment consultant needs to be highly ambitious, resilient, and money motivated. You won’t shy away from hard work, and you’re determined to succeed! You’ll also be sociable and enjoy being part of a lively team.

Are we hiring currently? 

Yes, get in touch today to have a with us! The best person is our Internal Recruitment Manager, Samantha Coles (