Top soft skills for tech success in 2019

We talk about the skills shortage a lot, but it’s not just technical skills that are lacking, its soft skills too. Soft skills, or intangible non-technical abilities are becoming increasingly important and employers are focusing much more on the personal attributes of individuals. In a Wall Street Journal survey of over 900 executives, 92% reported that soft skills such as communication and critical thinking are just as important as technical skills.

One industry placing a big focus on soft skills is the technology industry. According to a report, 98% of HR leaders stated that soft skills are key for candidates looking to land a job in tech, and 67% said that they have withheld jobs from skilled candidates due to a lack of soft skills. So, what can you do to make sure you don’t fall short? And which soft skills are going to get you noticed? We’ve found five of the most desired soft skills of 2019 and how to showcase them on your CV to help you get a step ahead.

Time management- No matter how long you’ve been in the game, the chances are time management has been an issue for you at some point; which is what makes it such a desired attribute. Having the ability to effectively structure your day dedicating the right amount of time to different tasks is a skill, and an important one at that.

CV showcase: Show the employer how you’ve used your time management skills to overcome a challenge or improve your efficiency. For example, if you had to work to a strict deadline on a project, or learnt a new programming language in your spare time, talk about how you managed your time to get the best results possible.

Adaptability- Moving away from your comfort zone and adapting to change is important in any environment. In the tech world where things move quickly and new technologies are constantly being developed, it’s especially important to react well to change. Being adaptable in tech may mean learning a new programme, adapting to a new system or changing job roles. Being adaptable means you’ll react better to challenges, have the ability to be a better leader and will always be relevant because you’ll be up to date with the latest tools and techniques.

CV showcase: Things like accepting to work with a system you’ve never used before or staying calm when faced with an issue in your coding are both examples that show your adaptability, although any examples of where you’ve had to react to change would be good to include.

Persuasion- Being persuasive is a soft skill that will help get you through life. In the world of work, persuasion could be convincing others to follow an action, agree to a commitment or purchase a product or service. Employers value persuasive qualities highly because they can increase productivity in many aspects of the workplace.

CV showcase: If you’ve successfully talked your manager into investing in a new piece of tech or persuaded your team members to try out a new programming language, include these as examples.

Creativity- Being creative doesn’t simply mean being able to draw pretty pictures. Being creative is having the ability to come up with fresh new ideas and thinking outside the box to come up with solutions to problems.

CV showcase: Give examples of situations where you had to think creatively to get around a software issue or presented ideas for system improvements; anything that shows you take a different approach to your work will help show off your creative side.

Collaboration- The main goal of collaboration in the workplace is to increase project success. Being able to work effectively with team members and external contacts is important for the innovation and growth of any business.

CV showcase: Perhaps you worked with team members to learn a new programme or paired with an external company to work on a new project. Giving any example where you’ve worked with others to achieve a collective goal are great for demonstrating your ability to collaborate.

So there you have it, 5 of the most desired soft skills for this year. It’s all very well being able to demonstrate a multitude of technical abilities, but without soft skills to support them it will be much harder to get the employer on side. Incorporating examples of when you’ve demonstrated certain soft skills on your CV will put you a step ahead when applying for your next tech role.

If you get to the interview process after applying for a role, be prepared with a story to support each of your soft skills. In the interview it’s likely you’ll be asked to talk about a time you demonstrated a certain soft skill, so be prepared with a scenario for every eventuality.

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