5 Tips to Help You Survive a Group Interview

There’s only one thing worst than a normal interview, a group interview. Do you act bold and come off brash or act polite and get lost in crowd? Here’s are some tips to help you survive a group interview!

There are three types of group interviews, a panel interview, a traditional group interview, and mixed. The first features a panel of interviewers and one candidate. The more traditional group interview is multiple candidates and one interviewer. A mixed methods interview is one where you’ll be in a group, interviewed by a panel.

1. Prepare an Elevator Speech

Every decent group interview will start with an ice-breaker. It’s a nice way to quickly get to know each other and it’ll be the first chance the interviewers have to see how you interact with the other. Chances are the ice-breaker will require you to give the group an introduction about yourself. Don’t come unprepared. Prepare a minute long ‘elevator speech’ that you can adapt to a range of tasks. Perhaps include a fact about the industry up your sleeve or an interesting piece of info about yourself ready to wow the interviewer.

2. Get Involved!

You need to shine in a group interview. The interview is a chance to demonstrate your core competencies so take the opportunity to show your communication and teamwork skills. That doesn’t mean being the loudest, though likewise if you stand there and give the occasional nod it will make it hard to mark you. The interviewer can only assess what you show them within the strict time frame so you need to get involved!

3. Listen

Chances are you won’t know what the group exercises are until the day, so even if you prepare your best spaghetti and marshmallow tower you can’t guarantee the task will come up. When you are given the new task make sure you listen to the instructions. It sounds so obvious but you’d be surprised how many people don’t fully understand the task. If you are confused don’t be hesitant to ask for clarification!

4. Be a STAR

This tip isn’t exclusive to group interviews. You can use this in regular interviews too. When you’re asked a question remember the STAR method – Situation, Task, Action, Result. Keeping this formula in your head when you’re answering a question will you keep to the script. No more rambling. No more repeating yourself. Just be a STAR.

5. Know What Makes You Unique

Knowing hat makes your unique works well with your elevator pitch but it can help you walk into the group interview feeling confident. Know what makes you stand out, and then do that! Don’t try and fit the mold. Instead, show the interviewers your own mold. So when you’re asked what your hobbies are, don’t answer with the bland “Reading and running. Tell them what you really like and make yourself unforgettable.


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