The Best Office Perks for SMEs

Last week the BBC showcased pretty extravagant office perks like office saunas and adult scooters to get around the office. The perks come from peer-to-peer money transfer company TransferWise who are a part of the revolution to “create an environment for people to do their best work”. Here at ISL Recruitment, we’ve created a similar environment albeit without saunas! But for companies who can’t afford saunas how do you achieve an environment that attracts and retains the best people?

Flextime and Working From Home

While many companies have already embraced this huge benefit, others are scared of its effects. Financially speaking this perk does not cost anything to offer yet it is one of the biggest incentives for new and old staff. Once there is an established level of trust and understanding between the two parties you can reap the rewards of improved retention and happier staff.

Wellness Benefits

Counteract office cakes with some wellness schemes. These schemes can be as financially pressing as you like. From subsidised gym memberships to a good old game of footie after work. Get your team exercising and focusing on their health. Try ‘gamifying’ the process of going to the gym but getting employees to compete against each other for the most times attended each week. Wellness perks should not forget about mental health too. Exercise can help but also try encouraging staff to get involved with yoga or meditation.

Charity Work

Improve your CSR and get employees motivated by providing them one paid day leave to get involved with a local charity. Whether it is a helping out at a food bank or on the streets raising funds, this perk will boost team morale and give your company something to shout about!

Food and Drink

It is a common office perk but it should not be overlooked. Offering employees fresh coffee and a fruit box can help employees stay a bit healthier than snacking on cakes and bakes all day. There is nothing like a fully-stocked fridge to keep staff happy. At ISL, we offer coffee, fruit, and often have bacon sarnie Fridays!

The Best Tech

It might not seem like an office perk but offering the best equipment to employees can be a deciding factor when choosing a new role. Moreover, the best equipment is going to help staff get their job done more efficiently. Throw away that old PC and invest in your business and your employees future.

It sounds like a no-brainer but remember to choose the benefits based on your employees. There is little point investing in a new coffee machine is everyone drinks tea. Not everyone is going to be sold off every perk and you can argue that they don’t have enough weight to retain staff. After all, does anyone stay in a job role because they offer fresh coffee? It is unlikely but it is about creating an environment where employees are rewarded for their work beyond just a salary. No matter what perks you introduce, creating a great company culture goes beyond just perks but it is a good place to start.

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