Tech Leaders, are you truly harnessing the power of agile working & inclusion?

If you’re involved in leading a tech scale up, tech SME or multinational; the odds are you’re looking to scale, and key to that is achieving sustainable growth in an ever evolving and highly competitive landscape.

At our diversity & inclusion event last week, Toby Mildon, renowned diversity and inclusion architect, explained how he believes that sustainable growth and a culture of inclusion are intrinsically linked.

Toby’s talk on harnessing the power of agile working & inclusion at Just Eat Head Office.

Toby wants to empower business leaders to “hardwire” diversity and inclusion into their business culture and infrastructure, creating a truly agile environment which in turn drives productivity and engagement.

So how can we ensure we’re being agile and truly inclusive? How can we put theory into practice and bring an inclusive culture to life? Toby argues that with some proper planning and processes in place, it’s not as hard as it might seem.

Drawing inspiration from ‘Reasonable Adjustments’ (under the Equality Act 2010, employers need policies to remove or minimise disadvantages experienced by disabled people) Toby believes that key to inclusion is employers introducing ‘Workplace Adjustments’ for all.

‘Workplace Adjustments’ are adaptations or changes to allow everyone to work to their optimum. Whether that’s technology to maximise efficient remote working, minor workspace adjustments to ensure physical comfort, or promoting flexible hours to cater for personal commitments or physical/ mental health.

So how can workplace adjustments impact sustainable growth? It’s all about engagement. Employees who are supported in a belonging culture, and whose differences are embraced feel greater engagement in a business, significantly driving performance and employee retention. According to Gallup engaged teams show 21% greater profitability, and in low employee turnover businesses the most engaged teams can see a 59% reduction in employee retention.

In an industry where talent attraction and retention are critical to sustainable growth, putting inclusion at the core of our growth strategy could be the catalyst to future success!

So perhaps it’s time we asked ourselves whether we really are as inclusive as we hope we are? Are we offering the practices that embrace and encourage inclusion?

Think of this situation; you have a flexible working policy, which certainly appears to encourage inclusion, however are there individuals within your business that begrudge this policy and demonstrate microaggressions when employees make use of it? Eye rolling, snide comments and jokes; does that sound familiar? Toby feels this is all too often the norm, and is a far cry from genuine practices of inclusion.

At a time when culture and values at are becoming ever more important to the top technology talent, if you think there is more you could be doing to be inclusive, act now!

How can we help you to drive action?

In partnership with Toby, we’re offering a free follow up session. Toby will be helping leaders to create a 36 month inclusion strategy to drive sustainable growth, if you’re interested in attending, please contact us here

To read Toby’s presentation please click here

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