Your focus: 

Whilst you still manage your own desk, your focus is now weighted towards the performance of your team, and how to effectively support and coach your team members to reach success and exceed target.

Your individual targets are altered to reflect the fact that the overall performance of the team is your priority, rather than your own individual performance.

You’ll be invested in your team, working with them collectively, and individually to drive performance, maximise their success, and supporting them achieve their own development targets.

All this, whilst creating a happy, supportive and driven team! No easy feat, but very rewarding, and a true leadership role.


From Team Leader you could see progression in several ways. You might grow your team, developing additional Desk Leads, and subsequent Team Leads, resulting in multiple teams under your remit, becoming a Senior Team Leader.

You may decide to work towards Practice Leader. With elements of leadership from the Team Leader role, this position is increasingly commercially orientated, and spans across the wider business.


Our Directors, Henry and Alan will be key to your day-day support, working closely with them for guidance. Our Learning & Development Manager will help you understand areas you need to personally develop and enhance, as well as identifying areas for development within your team, and help you tailor your management style to reflect the individual’s needs within your team. You’ll also have external training tailored to your development areas, and management coaching.

Who suits this role? 

You need to be someone who genuinely wants to work in a leadership role, and have team performance as your primary focus. You’ll need to enjoy working with, and developing others and defining your own team ethos.