Steps for improving your interview process

Your hiring process is a direct reflection of your company. To get the top tech talent on board, you need to create an interview process that ensures the candidates have the best experience with your company as possible. Where a positive interview experience could lead to talented tech candidates joining your team, a negative experience could have a bad impact on the reputation of your business.

To help keep your interview process as good for candidates as possible, we’ve done some research into the interview processes at the top tech companies and how you can implement these techniques into your hiring process.

Move quickly

When it comes to recruiting top tech talent, moving quickly and efficiently is key, because before you know it, the candidate will have been snapped up by one of your competitors. Once you’ve identified a candidate for interview, don’t waste any time in getting in contact with them. Not only does this make your process more efficient, it means that the candidate is less likely to start interviewing with your competitors.

Set an itinerary

When the candidate has passed the screening process and they’re coming to meet you for the first time, it’s important that you give them an idea of what’s in store. You don’t have to give the candidate a detailed explanation of the interview process, but giving them key information like how long they can expect to be at the interview, whether they’ll need to complete a technical test, who they’ll meet with and what they should prepare will help the candidate feel much more at ease with the interview.

Show them your culture

It’s all very well telling the candidate about what a great culture you have at your company, but you’ll make their experience with you even better if you show them what it’s really like to work with you.

Granted, your office may not be as extravagant as Google’s complete with hammocks, slides and beer on tap, but it’s still great to give the candidate a little tour and introduce them to some key figures in the business. This will make their interview experience much more memorable and will give them more of an idea of what your culture is like.

Don’t withhold the news

Whatever the outcome of the interview, the best thing for the candidate is to let them know the outcome as soon as possible. Microsoft lead by example on this, and are well known for getting back to their candidates within a day of their interview. Regardless of whether it’s good or bad news, also giving the candidate some constructive feedback is good for giving the candidate an idea of where they slipped up and areas they could improve on.  

Ask for feedback

With 60% of candidates admitting they’ve had a poor candidate experience at interview, it’s worth your while to get their insight into your hiring process. Whether the interview went well or not, it’s always beneficial to give the candidate a chance to give their opinion on the interview process, telling you what they think was good and if there’s any improvements to be made.

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