Showcasing Our Team

A huge welcome to Jake, who is joining our team as our newest Consultant!

It was great to catch up with Jake after his first week and ask a few questions:

What made you choose ISL?

I knew I wanted to work in a commission-based role because I have worked in similar roles in the past and found it so rewarding. ISL seemed so much more welcoming than many of the other recruitment companies I applied to and gave me an opportunity to learn.

What’s your favourite hobby?

I love the gym and anything to do with health and fitness. I particularly love body building and spend a lot of time putting the hours in at the gym.

What is your favourite food?

I would have to say a good burger is my favourite. I like it to be big, can’t go wrong with spicy cheese or onion rings- hash browns are always a winner!

How have you found your first week at ISL?

Very informative! I was nervous to begin with and intimidated to start something as a beginner again. There were 10 minutes on Monday morning where I thought what I have done? But almost immediately I felt relaxed, and I have come so far since I started. Everyone is so supportive, so it is a good environment to learn in.

How are you planning on spending your first Friday afternoon off?

I am currently in the process of converting my garage into a workout space to do body building, so it will be good to have the time to dedicate to that and get it all up and running.

Welcome to the team Jake!

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