4 Solutions to Support a Scaling Remote Team

Last year we saw a massive increase in companies hiring for hybrid/ remote roles, and this is only set to continue in 2022.

Supporting a growing team can be challenging. And keeping a remote team feeling connected and engaged is a daunting prospect. But it can be done.

From Productivity to wellbeing, here are 4 startups offering solutions to the challenges remote working can present.

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You may have found that some members of your team thrive in a remote setting.

But what about those who don’t?

Whilst some of your team may work well from their homes, many struggle to disconnect, and this can have a negative effect on productivity levels and wellbeing. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that everyone has access to a space where they can be at their most productive. For some this might be their local coffee shop, for others the library down the road. We all thrive in different spaces.

Hybrid working spaces like Hubble can offer the perfect balance between home and office. With flexible spaces offered all around the globe for your team to access.

Many startup founders are finding that hybrid spaces are providing them with the flexibility needed to scaleup- and saving on monthly office fees gives them the finances to do so!

If you are planning on growing your team this year, offering access to hybrid working spaces could help you to secure you the best talent.


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In the past 2 years the number of adults in the UK experiencing depression has doubled since pre-pandemic rates. Prioritising our mental health is more important than ever.

Companies like Heights are working to dispel the stigma surrounding braincare. Heights offer a range of supplements backed by science to help make braincare easy and accessible to everyone.

As a leader, you need to lead by example and break down the stigmas surrounding mental health.

So, what can you do to make sure no one is struggling in silence?

  • Schedule regular check-ins with your team such as monthly 1-2-1’s. If you don’t have the time to do this personally, then pass the responsibility on to another member of your team.
  • Talk about mental health. Nobody should feel like they are suffering alone.
  • Invest in companies like Heights to help your team take care of their brains.
  • Offer mental wellbeing coaching or training. We are a small team of less than 20 people, and four of us are mental health first-aiders. In our case, everyone was offered the training, but you may find dedicating the role to one person may work better for your startup.
  • Sometimes this is easier said than done, especially in the hectic early days of a company. But listening to your team will not only lead to better company culture, but also increased retention levels.

Our minds have potential to do great things- but we need to take care of them. Maybe you could offer your team a subscription to Heights to show you care about their mental health?


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One of the many consequences of the pandemic is that a lot of us are now working alone. This can not only have a negative effect on individual productivity levels, but on your team as a whole.

Deep work- or focus states, are sessions where we are at our most productive. Companies like FLOWN provide this controlled environment for people to work alongside others all over the world and create rituals of accountability to get the most out of our days.

Being accountable for your work is a powerful motivator and introducing this to your team will see a rise in overall output and satisfaction.

Deep work is not just about the time you spend working, but also the interspersion of play and exploration. Taking time away from your work is just as important as time spent with your head down.

Many founders will appreciate the difficulty of stepping back and trusting that good work is being carried out when you can no longer see your team working. Deep work is proven to raise productivity levels.

Companies like FLOWN allow your team to feel connected whilst apart, and this science-backed method of working is only set to increase in popularity as the new year unfolds.

Maintaining a healthy work/life balance is more important than ever. If you would like to find out more about deep work and how it will help you build your startup team then check out our Scaleup Diaries podcast with Alicia Navarro, founder of FLOWN.Notion Logo


One of the challenges of building a remote team is sharing information and ideas efficiently.

Good communication is vital to your startup growth. Notion is an online collaboration platform that allows everything to be well documented across your team.

A lot of founders view this way of organising, sharing, and updating information as key to the day-to-day running of their startup. Well-organised and efficient communication is necessary to establish and maintain good culture as you scale.

Onboarding remote team members may seem daunting, but having important information and key documents in an easily accessible place will help bring new members into your team seamlessly.

In the early days of a startup, information can become stale quickly. Ensuring that you have a form of documentation that can be easily updated will help keep your remote team connected.

We may not be starting 2022 quite as ‘post pandemic’ as we’d hoped, but we’re in a much stronger position now than when covid first struck.

By putting emphasis on providing a productive work environment for your team, prioritising mental wellbeing, and ensuring that you are communicating effectively, you are creating the strong foundations of success for your startup.

Make 2022 a year to remember.

Are you planning on growing your team? Check out our Talent Guide for Founders which covers the biggest hiring mistakes and how to avoid them. Or get in touch with our consultants at: 011742 80600

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