5 Ways to Ace a Salary Negotiation

We Brits don’t like talking about money. It’s viewed as a dirty subject. One to be avoided at all costs. But when it comes to the world of work, you’ll have to have an awkward conversation about cash at some point. After all, your employer will be paying you a salary, right? And you’ll want to make sure it’s the best available. So here are our tips to help you negotiate your salary. Remember to tailor them to suit the situation, and you’ll secure the wage you want in no time.

Set Aside the Pride

Let’s get one thing straight: salary negotiation is not begging. Don’t think that once an employer has shortlisted candidates, they will just choose the one with the cheapest salary. They won’t. Employers don’t have salary negotiations to watch your squirm, they do it to give you a final chance to illustrate your value, show the evaluator that your skills are worth the extra buck. Salary negotiations will feel stressful and exciting but remind yourself to stay professional and positive!

Come Prepared

Chances are if you’re using a recruiter they will ask what your salary expectations are at the beginning of the process. It helps the recruiter navigate the landscape to find the best fit for you. With that in mind, you should be entering the recruitment process with an idea of what you should/want to be paid. Know the market range by talking to your network and conducting online research. Glassdoor can be pretty helpful. And always remember, range not rate!

Don’t Rush

Once you’ve been offered a salary take the time to reflect on it. While declining the offer might be the right thing to do, jumping the gun with a firm “No!” is rude. Beyond that, not rushing gives you time to consider the other elements of the job. Does the company have a strong company culture? Maybe that is more important to you than the money. It’s all about looking at the bigger picture.

Don’t Forget Benefits

It’s not all about salary. If after the salary negotiation is over you’re not happy with the outcome, try and leverage with a few perks. It may be a discounted gym membership or working from home twice a month. Find what would enhance your work-life happiness and ask for it. After all, job benefits are often more important than your salary.

It’s all about the P’s

If you remember anything from this blog post it should be the two P’s: patience and persistence. The salary negotiation process can lengthy, so buckle up. Don’t let a rejected offer deter you from persisting with your counteroffer. Keep trying until you find a comfortable balance!

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