Your focus:

You know the mechanics of the 360 role, now it’s all about developing your desk, your network, and reputation as an expert within your market specialism.


From Consultant, after you’ve reached your promotion billing target, and showed you live the ISL values and competencies, you’ll become a Senior Consultant. A position of seniority within the business, demonstrating your capabilities as an expert recruiter, and role model to trainees and consultants.

The promotion includes a salary increase, as well as several other perks! You’ll take on additional responsibilities in a range of areas (dependant on your preferences) including training, mentoring and interviewing internally.


Your Team Leader will continue to be your main source of support and advice, however Oli, and both of our Directors (Alan and Henry) are always on hand to offer guidance.

Who suits this role?

An ISL trainee whose been promoted, or a consultant coming from a recruitment company where micromanagement, unnecessary KPIs and a toxic culture are making work less than ideal. Or a consultant coming from a company that offers a good culture, but not much else in terms of real progression and career development.

Are we hiring currently?

Yes, get in touch today to have a with us! The best person is our Internal Recruitment Manager, Samantha Coles (