Skilled Project Managers acknowledge and deal with failure

21Having the skills, experience and personal qualities to identify and admit when and where a project is starting to fail must surely be one of the key indicators of a successful and strong Project Manager. An interesting article on CWJobs highlights some of the main indicators of a project starting to fail:

Being a Bristol based recruitment consultancy one of our main areas of expertise is in the recruitment of experience Programme, Project and Change professionals, across all walks of industry, including IT, Financial Services, Public Sector and Ecommerce amongst others.

workA lot of our time is spent during the recruitment process, working closely with our clients, sifting through high volumes of candidates, to identify the key personalities and drivers of an individual to suit that particular organisation, but one that seems to be ubiquitous in all situations is the ability of an individual to quickly identify where a project is failing.

When working with a FTSE 100 client recently for a high level Programme Manager, a candidate that on paper looked absolutely perfect for the position was rejected. When we debriefed with the client and asked why, the recruiting manager simply said:

‘When I asked them to talk me through an example of where a project had failed and how he had dealt with this, he replied that he had never had a project fail’

All projects go wrong, it is the pragmatism and skill to identify this and deal with it accordingly.