Your focus: 

A high performing sales roles, your focus is further developing your desk and creating new opportunities with new and existing clients. At this point in your career you may have several key accounts to manage, alongside your focus on working with new clients. Seen as an expert within the office, you’ll be sharing your knowledge with your team, and wider business through ad hoc training sessions, or desk shadowing to show up and coming consultants how you’ve reached your position and success!


From Principal Consultant, you still have the option to move towards a leadership role if that appeals to you. Alternatively you can work towards Managing Consultant, an extension of Principal, you’ll have additional responsibilities contributing to specific strategies and projects to ensure the effective running of the business as a whole, rather than the office.


Your team leader, and our directors will be key to your day-day support, working closely with them for guidance. Our Learning & Development Manager will help you understand areas you need to personally develop and enhance, you’ll also have external training tailored to your development areas, with a focus on sales and account development.

Who suits this role? 

Highly successful recruiters, who thrive in a sales environment, with a strong personal desire to exceed your personal previous billing achievements. You’ll enjoy operating as part of the team, but prefer working towards the success of your own personal desk, and wider business success.