Onboarding Remotely

The Guide

It’s time to refine.

A brilliant onboarding process has always been about engaging your new talent, helping them understand the culture, and getting them productive swiftly.

You may have nailed this process when you could all be in the same office, but now it’s different. The principles of good onboarding are exactly the same. It’s the tactics that need change.

Our mini report will help you with new tactics to create a successful onboarding process. It covers:

  1. Tech support- how do you make sure new talent can work effectively from home? Where do they turn when they need tech support?
  2. Documentation- what materials does your new starter need?
  3. Set expectations- what standards do you need to set?
  4. Communication- best practice on how to introduce team members and exec level employees.
  5. Structure- how to build structure and schedules.
  6. The tech they’ll need- and how to set them up
  7. Get creative- ideas for team activities during remote working plus swag ideas.
  8. When onboarding- which tech is best to use to bridge the gap between in person and virtual?
  9. Real life examples from tech companies who are currently onboarding remotely.

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