Celebrating Success

With November’s Employee of the month, Teagan!

Teagan smiling in the office.

 How does it feel to win employee of the month?

It feels great! I put a lot of effort in last month and it’s good that it is recognised.

What was your biggest achievement this month?

I have signed a subscription deal with a long-term client. It is really good be able to move to the next stage of my working relationship with them and it really shows the level of trust that we have built up over time. I have also started working with a couple of new clients and it will be good to build on that as we go into the new year.

Teagan and Alice out for a walk

What was your biggest challenge this year?

I think coming off the back of a really bad year last year was difficult. I had to make a big effort to get back into the positive and driven mindset to make this year a success. Now I have got to that point, I want to keep the momentum going in 2022.

How do you spend your Friday afternoons off?

I love to relax and just take the time to see my friends and get out the house. It gets dark so early now, so I find it is a good time to go to the gym and be active whilst it is still light.

Teagan with Jon and Róisín in the office

What do you want to achieve before 2022?

I am working with some new clients, and I want to take the next couple of weeks to get to know them better and establish a good working relationship. I am also going back to Canada to see my family and celebrate Christmas at home before whizzing back over to the UK and bringing my new puppy home!

A puppy being cradled in Teagans' arms

How are you going to celebrate?

I am looking forward to the Christmas party on Friday, it’ll be good to unwind with everyone after such a busy year. And after months of waiting, I finally bought a new puppy which is a really exciting end to the year.



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