Meet the Consultants - ISL's 10 Year Anniversary! 10

Meet the Consultants – ISL’s 10 Year Anniversary!

In light of ISL celebrating its 10 year anniversary, we’re launching a series of short interviews with each of our consultants to give you insight into who the people behind ISL really are and how their stories have unfolded during their time with us!

So let’s kick things off with 10 minutes with Roxy Grey! Roxy joined ISL in 2016 and dived straight into the team with ease, bringing her humour and South African charm with her! We’ll let Roxy introduce herself to you first, after which, just scroll down to read her story!

Tell us about your time with ISL…

My journey with ISL started in May 2016. I initially started working on the Public Health desk, before having the opportunity to transfer to a South West .NET desk within one of our IT teams. I haven’t looked back since!

I knew nothing about IT, and it was a steep learning curve, but everyone was so supportive. IT is a very different game to Public health and anything I had done before, but Reuben, my Team Leader, was great and made the transition as easy as possible, taking the time to teach me all about the technologies within the market, the companies in my sector and key trends.

After the first few months running my .NET desk, I was doing well, but I could not have predicted the next 6 months! From a slow start with my Public Health desk to becoming top biller in the company! I honestly didn’t think it would be possible, especially when previous top billers have performed so well and are people I have looked up to throughout my time at ISL.

I didn’t think I would be a top biller, and I didn’t think I would make it onto the ISL super trip, but it happened!! (With a tonne of support from everyone!).

What is your favourite moment at ISL so far?

It has got to be flying into Monte Carlo on a helicopter as part of our Monaco rewards trip!


Tell us about working in .NET South West…

It’s a totally different market to Public Sector and any market I had done before, but it’s fascinating! I love working with companies that are doing such great things and developing such interesting products and services I would never have heard about before. It’s fab working the South West market as I can meet all of my contacts face-face, and can have the flexibility to pop out of the office easily when needed.

What is the number 1 thing guaranteed to make you laugh in the office?

I do literally laugh every single day in this office! …usually laughing with (or at!!) my colleagues! Plus I have to mention Gareth, one of our IT team leaders… has me in hysterics.

You have the power! Full control of ISL for the day – what do you do?roxy grey


Get us an office dog!! I will keep asking Henry & Alan! Yesterday there was a discussion on breeds, I think we are edging closer to progress! To be honest, we have a great set up here in the office, so there isn’t much I would change. Perhaps have a sofa in the breakout area?

First thing in the morning, what are you most looking forward to in the day?

What today is going to bring. Every day is so different.

What has your biggest learning curve been in recruitment?

Having the right mindset and staying positive. Learning that in recruitment the highs and lows are huge, and maintaining a happy medium is key. Enjoys the highs, but realise they aren’t permanent, and during the lows, remember to keep looking on the bright side! Keep your mind positive, if it’s not you won’t do well.

Have you ever had a stand out ‘I just CANNOT do this job’ moment?

Haha yes… last December I took 2.5 weeks off to go back to South Africa, whilst I knew my market would be notoriously quiet. I came back in January after almost 4 weeks off, and literally thought ‘there is NOTHING there!! No candidates, no jobs, I don’t know why I’m here!’ But after a seriously needed pep talk from my Team Leader, I got my headspace back on track, took a positive attitude, and… surprise surprise… everything changed the next month. It really is all about having the right mental attitude.

What are your plans for the future?

1 year ago I didn’t think I would be where I am today with the success that I’ve had, it’s all happened so quickly. I’ve proven I have the capability to be a good recruiter, and now I would love to be able to share that with the team and help others become great recruiters.

I honestly think that if you have the right personality and the right attitude, anyone can be successful in recruitment, so at some point I would like to move up to a Team Leader role to be able to help and support others.

This is Roxy coaching her team on how to dunk a biscuit properly!

roxy grey

If you weren’t working in recruitment, what would you do?

Work in a dog rescue home!

Describe ISL in 3 words:

It’s got to be Fun, Supportive and Motivating.

roxy grey



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