Life at ISL- July!

July was another busy month for us at ISL. Even if it was the month that England got knocked out of the World Cup, we didn’t let the loss get us down and made sure to celebrate all of our amazing successes. From celebrating a first placement to starting our summer training academy and receiving an exciting delivery, July was full of highs!

Training Academy Begins

In July our summer training academy began and we welcomed Harry, Dan, Andrew and Charlotte to the ISL team. We’re using a new format for the trainees in this academy, giving them each a mentor in the form of an experienced, proven consultant to help them day to day. According to Matt our Performance Coach, the academy started on a very positive note and the trainees are at least a week ahead of schedule. The trainees are making massive progress and are already starting to see results from their hard work! We designed the academy to offer the new consultants the best opportunity to help their clients with successful placements whilst still undergoing their training, which looks very realistic for all four of our trainees- great work everyone!

An Exciting Delivery

July bought us a very exciting package in the post. After our success of securing a Great Place to Work award for women, we are also proud to be named as a Great Place to Work in Europe. Last month, our trophy arrived and we couldn’t be happier to give it pride of place in the office. The trophy features a branch collected from an olive tree in the countryside around Athens and represents peace and victory- it’s a lovely addition to the office!

Kelly’s First Placement

July was an exciting month for Kelly as she secured her first placement at ISL! We know that when you’re new to a company, making the first placement is difficult- so we made sure to celebrate and awarded her with a bottle of champagne for her success. Congratulations to Kelly from all of the team- keep up the good work!

Monthly Incentive

July’s incentive was a little bit different… Some of our top performers were taken on an action-filled day shooting and axe-throwing to reward their hard work in achieving new business. Congratulations to Jack, Rebeka, Precious, Milo and Jon for their efforts and we hope you enjoyed hitting yet more targets!


Pub School Party

At the end of the month, Mattie and Alan attended the Pub School party hosted by Valuable Content. They were awarded with four badges for everything ISL have achieved with our content and marketing so far! If you’re an SME looking for inspiration to boost your marketing strategy, we highly recommend Sharon and Sonja at Valuable Content- they’ve revolutionised how we approach our marketing at ISL.

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