Why IT recruitment is becoming more and more important in commerce

36Nearly £1 in every £10 spent is now spent online. The boom in e-commerce is having a major effect on IT recruitment with a significant increase in e-commerce jobs, mobile payments jobs and online payments jobs.

Recent statistics from the ONS show that for the first time online shopping is approaching 10% of the total amount spent in the UK, showing that online shopping, which once was an activity for only the technology savvy, can now be considered mainstream.

According to the ONS £539m was spent online each week in September 2011, representing 9.6& share of total spending, up 30% on figures from the same period last year.

Online sales for Debenhams for example now accounts for 7.4% of its total sales. As a result they are installing 650 internet kiosks throughout their stores to help persuade their customers to purchase out of stock items online and ultimately persuade customers to do more of their shopping via the internet.

Whilst there are many factors affecting the change in online sales, such as cheaper broadband and cheaper computers much of this change can be attributed to the increase in use of mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad.   Many retailers have launched their own custom applications where customers can enter a purpose designed app and shop on their phone or tablet with much greater ease than through a website. The Tesco app lets you put your shopping together, pay and get it delivered, all without leaving the app. The whole buying process has been changed so it is much more accessible for normal non-technological users which has resulted in a huge increase in the number of online shoppers in the last 12 months.

Throughout the UK, businesses are now recruiting programming staff for a variety of e-commerce tasks which has led to a huge increase in demand for e-commerce jobs, mobile payments jobs, e-commerce manager jobs and programmers for mobile devices for Android and Apple’s IOS.

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For a more detailed look at the report from the ONS have a look a the article in The Telegraph

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