ISl sponsors Fergal O’Brien Racing

ISL is sponsoring a national hunt racehorse trainer’s yard

We have established ourselves as skilled in matching professionals and executives with our clients’ needs in industry sectors such as Technology, Financial Services, Retail, Engineering and the Public Sector.

Normally we concentrate on identifying the talent our clients need. This time we have identified a talented new entry to the National Hunt Training ranks and decided to put our own money behind him. His name is Fergal O’Brien and he is based in a truly wonderful setting in the heart of the Cotswolds at Coln St Dennis near Cirencester.

Why do racehorse trainers and owners want sponsorship?

Racehorse Trainers make their living from the fees they charge their owners for training their horses and their share of the prize money the racehorses they train win on behalf of their owners.

Owners pay VAT  on the purchase price of the horses they buy and the training fees they incur. HMRC allow this VAT to be recovered by the owners if  they can demonstrate they are taking active steps  to make commercial gain from the horse.

Owners provide opportunities for organisations to promote their services by allowing them to place advertising material on agreed sites on the silks worn by the jockey at a race meeting. Trainers provide a similar opportunity by allowing advertising materials to be placed on the rugs worn by the horses and clothing worn by the staff.

The normal practice is for trainers to reach an agreement with a sponsoring organisation to make a payment to themselves and all owners with horses in training with them in return for the right to “sponsor the yard”.  It is open to owners to reach individual arrangements with sponsors should they wish.

What do sponsors get for their money?

The sponsors logos placed on the on agreed sites on horses and staff provide advertising to both those attending race meetings and those watching the racing on television. If  a particular horse is very successful the logos can be seen by millions on national television.

The fact the logos will be seen by the public provides an opportunity to promote that fact to those not watching the event itself.

Sponsors have access to the owners with horses at the yard and have the opportunity to promote their services to them.

Sponsors are able to assist their clients in widening their understanding of how racing can help their business eg in organising corporate events involving racing such as visits to racehorse trainers yards, or meetings at racecourses.

It provides a “fun opportunity”  for staff to share something – they “own” a bit of every horse in the yard and have access to it.

ISL and sponsorship

ISL is entering into this arrangement with enthusiasm and are keen to make it work for the benefit of its clients. Anyone interested in learning more should contact us and we will be happy to share our enthusiasm and do all we can to help. In the meanwhile try visiting

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