Why ISL Recruitment is proud to be a Great Place to Work

Big news from ISL Recruitment and something that we really want to shout about. We have officially been announced as a Great Place to Work by Best Workplaces 2017!

This is an award that Henry and I are really proud of. It’s a great testament to the team that works for ISL and makes us the company that we are. So a big thank you to everyone that’s helped get us to this point.

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So the details – the Best Workplace award recognises organisations with great employee engagement. We are one of 27 small businesses that have achieved this accolade, one of seven recruitment companies, and the only organisation based in the South West! Two thirds of the score comes from an anonymous staff survey, so it’s truly focused on what our team thinks rather than simply what Henry and I have told someone about ISL.

A fantastic way to mark 10 years in business


ISL have hit 10 years in business this year and this award is a fantastic way to mark the progress we’ve made so far.

Like any companies we’ve had our ups and downs but as you’d hope we’re now a lot wiser than we were in the early days. It really feels like the last couple of years have seen us make big steps forward in our goal of running a successful, happy recruitment business that really cares about its people and their development.

We entered this award for a few reasons:

  • We wanted to benchmark our employee engagement across industries to check if we’re going in the right direction
  • We were keen to get expert feedback on what to improve
  • We wanted a credible badge to show potential employees what it’s like to work here

We’re delighted that our staff were positive enough about ISL to help us win the award at the first time of trying. We’ll admit to being a little nervous about what the guys might say so it’s brilliant that we had such a positive response.

The headlines


What really made us happy is that 91% of our staff agreed with the statement “I would say this is a great place to work”.

We’re also happy to gain at least 90% positive across several categories – Diversity, Strategy, Values & Ethics and Empowerment & Accountability.

When it comes to values, ours are autonomy, professionalism, respect, and cooperation. Autonomy is something that we think helps us stand out from a lot of our peers. We’ve had to work hard to balance this by being clear about the expectations we have of people, and keep them accountable against their commitments.

We want to be a place where people enjoy working, but we also want to be a business that delivers successful results, and we believe we can be both. Being clear on our expectations and supporting and challenging those who fall short has been a big part of the positive direction we’ve travelled in the last couple of years.

Where do we want to take ISL from here?


The feedback we’ve gained from entering Best Places to Work has already proved valuable in helping us understand how we can continue to improve the way we develop the culture of the firm.

We’ve learned that the right culture is everything. We want to grow our team, ideally doubling in the next three years, but we’re determined to maintain the ethos and culture that’s helped us make big strides in recent times. We know that quality of hire is always more important than quantity so we’ll only ever grow at the rate that we can inspire great people to work for us. We see an opportunity to grow our business internationally, and that will present opportunities for our existing team and new hires to progress their careers with ISL.


Thank you to all who have helped us on the journey


Our clients, candidates and employees have all played a big part so once again thanks to everyone who has helped us gain this award.

We’re really proud of the business that you’ve helped us create and look forward to sharing successful times with you in the future.

We’d love it if this good news and recognition are a way to reach new people and expand our network. If you know a business that needs help finding some great talent, or if you need help on the next steps in your career, then we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Best wishes

Alan and Henry
May 2017

Any questions do get in touch:
Email one of us (alan@isluk.co.uk, henry@isluk.co.uk)
Give us a call (0117 428 0600)

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