Is the CV dead?

The first professional CV was created in 1482 by Leonardo de Vinci. After over 500 years, we thought it was about time talked about why we still put CV at the heart of our hiring process.

For startups and scaleups, attracting and assessing the best talent is such an important part of their success. Bad hires kill good startups.

The founders we work with talk about hiring for soft skills and attitude, over technical skills and logos. But then we all fall into the trap of using the CV to try to look for things that you just can’t see in two sheets of A4.

Maybe it’s about time we realised that looking for the best diverse talent, and selecting based on potential rather than history, means that we should challenge ourselves on how to hire based on what matters.

That’s exactly what our expert panel debated. Our director Alan FurleySuf Jogee from Forward Partners, and Charlotte Melkert from Equalture were guided by moderator Sarah Rice from The HR World.

You can see the full video below, to learn more about some of our key points including:

  1. The potential dangers of relying only on CVs in the hiring process
  2. The benefits of letting go of CVs
  3. Reasons why soft skills are a better performance predictor than CVs
  4. Different methods for assessing soft skills
  5. What happens with bias when it comes to algorithms

We hope you enjoy hearing our debate and if you’d like to add to the conversation, or explore more about how we can help you find the best talent then we’d love to hear from you – get in touch here.

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