Is it time to digitalise your CV?

Job-hunting is hard work. As the competition gets tougher, candidates are having to go the extra mile to secure their dream job offer.

With hundreds and thousands of CV’s submitted to jobs every day, it’s crucial to have a CV that sets you apart from the crowd. Is it time to leave your traditional CV behind and move onto something a little more innovative?

Digitalising your CV is a great way of revamping your standard CV and turning it into an interactive, engaging display of your skills and experiences. There are plenty of types of digital CV that you could create to stand out from the crowd. Here’s a few ideas:


One of the more simple, yet effective ways to spruce up your CV is to turn it into a digital infographic. An infographic CV differs to a traditional CV as it includes graphic design elements like images, colour, font styling and interactive features to organise content in a visually interesting way.

Infographic CV’s are a great way of showcasing some creativity and are much more effective at catching attention than your standard CV. In fact, it’s been proven that coloured visuals increase an individual’s willingness to read a document by 80% – so injecting some colour and diagrams might be the new lease of life your CV needs. There are lots of tools available to help you create an infographic CV such as, Vennage and


Video is making waves. A video CV gives prospective employers a much clearer picture of you than words on a piece of paper can. With one third of all online activity spent watching videos, why not make the most of it and turn your CV into something that people will really pay attention to?

Granted, making your entire CV into a video may be a bit of a stretch, so if you want to make use of video but don’t want to create one for your entire CV, make a video to introduce your online CV. This way, you are still setting yourself apart from other candidates and giving the employer a slice of your personality.

Whether you create an animation or a production that you feature in, video is a much more time consuming, technically advanced way of digitalising your CV; but for the potential returns, it might just be worth it. For some inspiration, check out these examples of a video and animated CV.


Creating a personalised website gives you the opportunity to digitally showcase your CV along with examples of your best work, testimonials and contact details in a functional, visually appealing way. If you’re not a web designer, there are plenty of online tools such as Wix, WordPress and Weebly that allow you to choose from hundreds of web templates and customise them to suit your needs. Whether you build your site from scratch or use a template, producing a personal website is a great way of sharing your technical and creative abilities with prospective employers.


Employers spend a lot of time reading over the same kind of CV. It may not be for everyone, but if you really want to catch attention and give the employer something they’ll enjoy, why not turn your CV into a game? Yes, an actual game.

It might sound a little out there, but it definitely won’t disappoint on the uniqueness scale. There are some amazing examples of game-based CV’s out there including Robby Leonardi’s interactive CV which gained international attention for its level of innovation. In the game, a character moves through different levels where Robby’s skills, hobbies and previous experiences are listed. If you want to showcase your extensive technical and creative ability whilst creating something that’s sure to gain you a lot of positive attention, turn your CV into a game.

QR code

If you decide to create a digital CV, you’re going to want to share it. Aside from sharing your CV online, creating a QR code for your CV is a great way of sharing it quickly and easily. QR codes are very versatile and can be printed onto almost anything which is particularly handy if you attend a lot of networking events. Instead of printing out numerous copies of your CV to hand to prospective employers, add a QR code to your business card to give people instant access to your CV whether it’s an infographic, website or game.

With a little thought and creative flair, digitalising your CV could enhance your job prospects in a way that isn’t possible for the traditional CV. Digital CV’s are increasing in popularity and are expected to become the norm within the next 5 years. Why not take the leap now?

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