How To Conduct Diverse Recruitment

According to Badenoch & Clark, one in five candidates have hidden their age, disability, social background or sexuality when applying for a job. This report also revealed that the majority of employees questioned do not believe their organisation embraces diversity or inclusion at a board level. So, how can you create an inclusive recruitment process whilst avoiding positive discrimination? Here are some of our top tips for conducting diverse recruitment:

Know Your Agency

When choosing a recruitment agency, ensure that they value and actively encourage diversity in recruitment. Consultants should be asking for your diversity metrics too as it will help them have a better understanding of your company and how to find the best person to fit into your culture.

Check Your Algorithms

Conscious human bias is still an ongoing issue in the recruitment process, for example, there continue to be endless reports on people’s chances of being hired being influenced purely by their name. Many companies use computer software to manage applications, however, the Financial Times recently reported on data-driven recruitment algorithms that are unconsciously filtering out minorities. While some argue algorithms actually help hire diverse employees, you should still check that your algorithms aren’t filtering out diverse top talent.

Go Blind

Asking for depersonalised CVs is a great way to eliminate unconscious bias. By asking candidates to omit name, gender, age and other demographic information you could stop bias from occurring.

However, going blind isn’t always enough. Hays Journal notes that better training is required to help managers be more aware of their unconscious biases when trying to select diverse candidates.

Use Diverse Platforms to Attract Talent

Create a new job description and don’t just dust off the old one. Think of the tone and language that you use, it could be excluding diverse talent. Ensure that the job ad covers any specific support you provide to candidates with disabilities too. Moreover, post these job adverts in diverse communities. Sticking to one platform can limit your talent pool.

CIDP have a factsheet concerning diversity in the workplace which will be helpful if you’re looking to make your recruitment process more inclusive.

Diverse Interview Techniques

Choose a diverse array of your team to represent your company across the interview process. This can be beneficial on both a company level and from the interviewee’s perspective; internally, this can help you combat unconscious bias whilst externally, this can help your interviewee feel more comfortable and attracted to a company that demonstrates such diversity.

For more information on diverse recruitment techniques, the Government website has some really great guidelines on how to avoid and prevent discrimination, both in the workplace and the recruitment process.


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