How To Engage and Attract Graduates

It is almost time for university students across the UK to throw their mortarboards hats into the air and gear themselves up to a life full of debt working happily in their chosen field. While it does not always work out like that, graduates by the thousands will be jumping into the job marketing for their first taste of adult life. But how can you attract them to your company?

Big Brand ≠ Big Applicants

Whether your PepsiCo or a Bristol-based recruitment agency like us, you’re going to get a range of applicants. Don’t think that just because you’re small you can’t attract top talent, you just have to work a little bit harder. Not all graduates want conglomerates so use your size to your advantage by boasting features like a friendly team environment.

Talk and Walk Like a Graduate

If you want to attract graduates, you have got to act like them. Writing a job description with industry jargon will put them off so try using simple language to express the role. If the role and company culture suits it, try using emojis and abbreviations; it will certainly set you a part from the pack! Moreover, start using the mediums that graduates are on. Facebook doesn’t cut it anymore so try promoting jobs on Twitter and Instagram too.

Training, Training, Training

Illustrating your training will help attract graduates who do not feel qualified for the job. They are likely to have the soft skills but you’ll need to provide some technical skills that will help their day-to-day workload. It can be daunting for graduates to step onto the career ladder so try creating an infographic detailing your training scheme. By doing so, the organisation appears transparent and helps graduates match their skills to your training. After all, no one comes out of university with BA: Recruitment Consultant!

Develop a Relationship

Get in contact with the local university and start building a relationship with their careers services. Most universities have online portals for graduate jobs so a good rapport with the university can help you get your job adverts noticed. A good relationship will likely mean an invite to graduates recruitment days for too.

Have a Culture, and Show it!

We’re sure you don’t need any more think pieces on the benefits of company culture so we’ll keep this one short. Curate your company culture and be proud of it. If you’re a small company, your company culture is likely to be the most impressive benefit you provide. Going on a team building training day or just to the pub? Take a picture and put it on Instagram! It will augment your offerings and give your company some personality.

However your choose to further your recruitment drive, the most important part is knowing your audience. If you do not know any Gen Z graduates, then you need to do some research before you kick start a new strategy. Don’t be fooled bad talk against ‘millennials’. They are a complex group of individuals that can bring insight and evolution to your company.