Hiring and retaining tech talent remotely

Why culture is key

We’ve all had to change our tactics when it comes to our hiring strategy, and although some of our priorities may have changed, culture remains king.

Good company culture is at the heart of both a good hiring strategy and retaining that talent once you’ve successfully onboarded them. But how can you ensure your company culture is consistent remotely? This question is often left without an answer, something that could be holding your company back.

In this report you’ll find:

Section one: Integrating your company culture through your remote hiring process

  1. How to: amending your job descriptions to represent culture in a remote environment
  2. Why you should be hiring for cultural add over cultural fit
  3. 5 interview questions to ask to align your culture with the candidates expectations
  4. Using social media as a powerful talent attraction tool
  5. How are other tech companies portraying their company culture remotely?

Section two: Using culture to retain your top tech talent

  1. Demonstrating your company culture remotely
  2. How should your hiring process change?

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