ISL is an officially a Great Place to Work 2020

During this strange time, we often find ourselves surrounded in bad news. So, we thought we’d make the most of the chance to share some positive news.

Today we’ve found out that we are officially a 2020 UK Best Workplace. We’ve placed 11 out of 27 companies in the Small Workplace category, and alongside 161 other leading organisations.

As you might imagine, we’re over the moon. It’s so important to celebrate all positivity in times like this, and this is something we’re really proud of. One of the reasons it matters is ¾ of the score that earned our place on the list is based on an anonymous staff survey, so it’s our team that have secured our success.

Our journey with Great Place to Work has been an adventure, teaching us valuable lessons along the way. It started back in 2017 where we entered the listing for the first time, placing 24th. From this we bettered ourselves and applied valuable feedback into our every day working lives, becoming such a great place to work, that in 2018, we placed 4th!

But the story really gets good in 2019 when we didn’t make the list at all. Now that might confuse you, but this really taught us a lesson. We made the mistake many do in growing complacent. So instead of taking this as a loss, we focused on reflecting on the feedback and improving. To make sure that whatever the outcome of the listing, priority number 1 is culture.  

The team is stronger than ever and in times like these, this is when it really matters. But don’t just take my word for it, take a look yourself:

We would normally be feeling jaded from a night celebrating in London, but clearly that’s not been possible this time. So after a much swifter recovery from the excitement, we plan on sharing some of the detail behind what we’ve done, in the help that it could help you with your organisation or in how you lead.

Our people are great, and that clearly makes an impact on the relationships we have with our candidates, clients, and service providers. So thanks to everyone who’s helped us get to this point and played a part in winning this award. We look forward to shared success in the future!

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