How to Create a Happy Workforce

You might think that happiness is too abstract for businesses strategy, but with these simple tips you can kick-start morale and create a happy workforce.

There is a multitude of benefits of having a happy workforce. The obvious ones are increased sales, productivity and accuracy, but there are also less obvious ones that can benefit your organisation. Creating an environment that allows employees to have fun will build your company culture too. CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh even admits to getting rid of employees who did not buy into a happy workforce ethos! We don’t believe in going that far but it is certainly true that retaining a happy workforce is essential. That’s why we’ve put together a starter pack of tips that will help you create a happy workforce.

Define the Work-Life Balance

No more staying in the office till 7 pm; it is time to get strict with the work-life balance. With 46% of Britons wanting to spend more time with their family, it might be useful to offer shorter working days once in a while. It doesn’t have to be every week, but giving employees an extra few hours off a month can help. Employees will not only become happier from the extra free time but the aim is they work more efficiently one the short work days. It could lead to creative problem solving and improved time management.

Less Focus on Money, More Focus on Well-being

On the whole, richer people might be happier but the state of mind determines happiness, not wealth. As such, don’t focus on financial rewards too much. Think about how you can create happiness in other ways. A recruitment trend we’re expected to see more of is renewed job titles. Job titles like Social Media Gurus, Accounting Ninjas, and Directors of Fun make employees proud to tell others what they do and where they work. After all, those with higher statuses often live longer. So next time you want to give a financial reward or promotion, think about the other ways to you can improve happiness.

Stop Organising Fun

A team day out Go-Karting might seem like a great idea but organised fun often has the opposite effect. Forcing a team together in an unnatural environment can create more friction between members. It might be better to allow employees to create genuine relationships naturally. That’s not to say don’t offer fun activities at all. Perhaps put on less cliché team building activities or merely suggest that the team should organise their own fun. After all, the best team building activities for most teams is a trip down the pub!

Cancel the Meetings

We’ve all experienced a meeting where nothing gets done. You walk away from it feeling deflated and more confused about the task than before. Cut down your meetings in favour of daily scrums. The dreaded 9 am Monday morning meetings is a sure-fire way to ruin your employees Sunday night. Stop pointless meetings and get creative with your communication processes to induce a positive team morale.

Happiness all depends upon ourselves. Unfortunately, creating a happy workforce isn’t always just a few little changes away. Happy employees are in your best interest, so while you can’t just click your fingers and make everyone happy, making an environment where happiness can thrive can certainly help.