So what do we offer that other’s don’t? The answer:

  • –  QUALITY.

TIME: The ISL Interview Platform

Time is essential to your hiring success. Time costs money and we understand that your time is valuable.

How often to you interview a candidate for an hour, despite often knowing in the first 10 minutes whether or not they’re the right fit? Wouldn’t you like to be able to save your interviewing time for only the strongest candidates, and have the face to face experience without losing time? Well, now you can…

Launched in March 2018, the ISL Interview Platform reduces your time to hire and allows you to identify the strongest candidates much earlier on. We agree 4 or 5 key questions with you, organise and interview a candidate with these questing on your behalf, and then submit a 1o minute recorded interview video to you for assessment. You get the face to face experience to help you determine if they’re right before you’ve spent any time. This way, shortlisting you candidates becomes faster and hassle-free as you can identify the strongest candidates much sooner.

QUALITY: We choose to send quality CVs over quantity every time. 

What We Believe In page is a great way to understand how we think about recruitment, but in short, what differentiates us from other agencies is that we take a holistic approach to recruitment. We understand that attitudes can be equally as important as skills and experience in the workplace, so we delve deeper. We assess whether candidates have the right cultural fit for your business by taking the time to meet with you and understand your values. This means our quality candidates are far more likely to succeed in your business.

COMMUNICATION: We are not robots!

Born out of a desire to challenge stereotypical robotic recruitment, ISL was set up by two recruiters in 2007, to offer an alternative to the micro-managing, ‘quantity-over-quality’ ethos of typical consultancies.

Instead, ISL focuses on building long-term client relationships and understanding your business’ values, to find you candidates who bring you both the skills and the attitudes you’re looking for.

We communicate with our clients and candidates to ensure you are the right fit for each other. We are not recruitment robots who send numerous irrelevant CVs, we send quality CVs and if you like the sound of someone, we will manage the process smoothly by communication everyone’s needs early on.