Where to start?

We understand the frustrations you face during your search for the perfect candidate; Where to start? Is what you want even out there? If so, how do you secure it? Perhaps you’re lost amongst the multitude of recruitment partners in the market and don’t know how to differentiate them? Find out why we’re different here. 

That’s where we come in. Take a look at how we can add value to your hiring process:

Contingency recruitment – Permanent and Interim

This is our most common way of helping clients for the first time. We’ll talk to you about what you need, give you some guidance on the market, and then present a shortlist of qualified candidates that we have interviewed. A dedicated consultant will work closely with you and will be transparent with you about our capabilities and our chances of success. Our fees are only payable once the right person has started for you and we have a fee structure to help mitigate some of the risk in a hire that doesn’t work out.

Retained recruitment

If you want to make sure that both sides are committed to seeing the process through to completion, our retained service might be the best option. As you will pay a proportion of our fee to engage us, we have greater scope to invest in an exhaustive research process.

On paper, the stages of the process won’t look a lot different to our contingency service, but what you’ll notice is that we can truly uncover the passive candidate market and reach talent that might not be easily found.


If you know that you’ll have ongoing and substantial hiring requirements, then you may wish to consider a recruitment campaign for you. This could be ongoing advice and support on your direct hiring, contingency recruitment, retained searches, or a combination of these options.

We will be a true partner, whether that’s spending regular time on site, managing other recruitment suppliers or simply being available to help you through your hiring challenges. We aim to be a seamless extension to your business.

Want to know more?

You can check out our testimonials by heading over to our What Our Clients Say’ page. Or simply pick up the phone to us on 0117 4280600 and we will come to see you, making sure that we can understand your specific needs and objectives before presenting the right option.


Following the introduction of revised GDPR regulations in 2018, you can view our Data Protection Policy here to see how we manage client data.