Celebrating Success

With May’s Employee of the Month – Emma!

How have you found rejoining ISL after maternity leave and during a pandemic?

It’s been crazy. I was nervous about it because I was out of the office for 15 months in total and I knew it was going to be a massive change for me personally and I also knew a lot would have changed in the market. I had no idea what to expect, but my return worked out to be timed to perfection. I came back just as things got going again so I’ve been really busy and have loved it!

Team lunch
Emma, Jack, Jon and Henry enjoying lunch together

Has the pandemic changed how you work in any way?

I think it has had a big impact on our jobs, clients and the way we work in general; everyone has had to adjust to it. There have definitely been some positives that have come out of the pandemic too. For example, as a business pre-covid we used to work from home once a week maximum, but I think covid has taught us the benefits of working from home and has allowed us to create a different culture and mindset around productivity and taking accountability for your own workload.

What are your goals for the next 6 months?

My main goals are hitting and exceeding my annual target and aiming for my next promotion to Managing Consultant.

Teagan, Emma and Alice out for lunch
Teagan, Emma and Alice out for lunch

You’ve won employee of the month a number of times. Does winning the award now still feel the same as when you first won it?

I’d say so. We’re all in this job for the same reasons in that we enjoy having targets and something to work towards, so winning employee of the month and getting recognised for your efforts won’t ever get old! It’s just nice to have someone tell you you’re doing a good job.

Do you have any other highlights from the last month?

First, I’d say doing repeat business and making several placements with the same clients. Knowing your clients are coming back to you and building those relationships is really rewarding. Also, in the last month myself, Alan, Teagan and Alice all completed the Mental Health First Aider course which was brilliant. Obviously not all four of us will be in the office together at all times, but it’s good knowing that at least one of us will be there to look out for signs that someone might be struggling, and also just being there to talk to if someone isn’t feeling great. I hope the team feel comfortable knowing that we’re on hand to offer support if they ever need it.

Lunch Club
The team on lunch club at Pasture

What’s your secret to success?

It’s definitely no secret but what works for me is to make sure I’m always pushing myself to do more of everything and to have a sense of urgency around my work. Rather than thinking ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’, I treat everything as if it needs to be done today. So much can happen in 24 hours (especially in recruitment), so I’ve found keeping that urgency around my workload really helps to make things happen.

What keeps you motivated at work?

Although it’s a recruitment cliché, all of the incentives paired with a bit of friendly competition in the office keeps me motivated; everyone wants to be the best and have the opportunity to win the incentives. I also find that my health and wellbeing have a direct influence on my motivation, so I make sure to exercise regularly, eat well and take time to myself by doing things like going on a walk at lunch to keep my body and mind healthy. I also have a vision board that I update with my goals and aspirations for the year ahead. I keep it in my office at home so I’ve always got a visual reminder of the things I’m working towards.

Emma's home office
Emma’s home office

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