Celebrating Success

Yesterday marks five years since Jack joined ISL… and what a five years it has been!

What drew you to recruitment?

I finished my degree in Business Management back in 2014, and like many students, I didn’t really know what to do with myself. I was initially interested in recruitment because I heard it was a more people-based side of sales and I decided to give it a go. I fell into it, and I haven’t left since.

What has been your highlight at ISL?

I think the progression opportunities that have been available to me throughout my time at ISL are my favourite part of working here. It really has allowed me to grow and progress through the ranks to leadership positions. I love working alongside like-minded people where we all share similar visions and want the company to do well.

In a personal sense, I have been able to buy my first house and just recently bought a new kitten. I didn’t have many set expectations of my life when I started with ISL, but everything has worked out well!

Nala the kitten
Nala the kitten!

What has been the biggest challenge in the last 5 years?

Last year was really tough due to the pandemic. It completely shook up the market and changed the way we operate as a business. It was a challenging year, but we have come out the other side now and I think flexible working, along with a 4 and half day week, has been a breath of fresh air.

Jack, Milo and Alix at Ocean Beach in Ibiza
Jack with Milo and Alix on a work trip to Ibiza in 2018

What is your favourite part of the job?

I love building relationships with businesses and helping companies grow. I also love the people-side of my job, helping support new and existing members of the team. It is very rewarding to work with people so closely and celebrate their successes.

What do you hope the next 5 years will bring?

I want to continue developing my leadership skills and progress to Director level within ISL. Outside of work, I want to buy another property and hopefully start a family within the next couple of years. I haven’t got many set plans… but I like the way things are going at the moment!

Jack holding a cocktail

Happy five years Jack!

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