Celebrating Success

With October’s Employee of the month, Alice!

Alice on a day out with ISL

How does it feel to win employee of the month?

I have been nominated a few times, but it feels great to finally win after two years! I think that over the last few months my mindset has really changed, and I have been really focused on doing a great job. It’s good to know that it has been recognised around the office.

What is your proudest moment at ISL?

I joined just before the pandemic, so it was a bit of a rollercoaster start. I think my proudest moment was my promotion to Senior Delivery Consultant. The market was so tough and achieving the next step in my career despite this felt amazing. I have learned so much and hitting certain milestones, like winning employee of the month, shows that I am on the right track.

Alice, Teagan and Raniya at the funfair

What was the biggest challenge this month?

The market is so competitive right now so that has been challenging. I love working with companies that I am passionate about, and I always try to share this passion with candidates. At the moment companies are offering candidates left, right and centre, so I really try and build relationships with the people I work with to ensure they end up in a job that they will love.

What do you hope to achieve next month?

I want to carry on with the momentum I have set this month and push through to the end of the year and meet my goals for the last quarter. I am going to focus on building relationships with new companies and be the go-to-person that they can trust throughout the process. Outside of work I want to settle into my new house in Bristol and spend time with my friends and maybe even find a new gym to go to.

Alice holding a cocktail at our summer conference

How do you spend your Friday afternoons off?

I try not to ever waste my Friday afternoons, I see my friends, go shopping, visit my parents, go to the gym… anything and everything really. It is a great time to unwind after a busy week and have that little bit of extra weekend.

How are you going to celebrate?

Last night I had a takeaway with my new housemates, and I am going out for dinner tonight with all the girls from work which will be fun.

Congratulations Alice!

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