Job Interview secrets iPhone / iPad app

A useful little app to help with job interviews – below is the description from the developers of the app.

Can you afford to make mistakes at your next job interview? “Are You Looking To Be Employed Next Week?” So are thousands of people across the country.

Do you have a job interview lined up? Do you know you are expected to bring? Are you ready to handle the nervousness? If not, honestly ask yourself this question…

“Job Interview Secrets” is a step by step guide to landing your own job interview and outright ACING IT! If you’re someone who recognizes that every interview is the most important interview, this report is for you.

Just LOOK at some of the information you will find inside:

  • Learn why it is important to understand a company’s application process before contacting them.
  • Understand the power of describing your weaknesses as strengths.
  • 11 practice questions that interviewers are GOING to ask you.
  • Understand the importance of being confident (without being cocky).
  • 8 questions that recruiters are NOT allowed to ask.
  • 10 practice questions an interviewer may ask you if you’ve just graduated from college.
  • 10 questions YOU may want to ask the interviewer to let them know you’re serious about getting this job.
  • Learn to avoid making a major mistake when faxing in your resume.

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How to get a job interview – iPhone / iPad app

Does job hunting have you exhausted? Are you nervous about nailing a job interview?

This app will show you how to find and get hired for a job you LOVE… a job that:

  • Pays you enough money (and then some)
  • Is aligned with your passion and skills
  • You’re excited to show up to
  • You’re proud to tell people about

Inside, you will watch as successful people with a TON of career experience teach you things like:

  • How to apply the “80/20 rule” to only focus your efforts on finding the jobs you WANT
  • A proven formula to overcome “empty inbox” syndrome if no one is getting back to you
  • How to re-work your “boRrRorrOrring” resume so that you STAND OUT vs. 95% of applications
  • The 1 simple “re-framing” trick to automatically put yourself in the right MINDSET to ace any job
  • How to “pre-qualify” yourself in order to land your DREAM job, not just the job “you can get”

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Resume Base iPad app

If you have an iPad, this is an excellent app to keep track of your CVs.

ResumeBase is a resume management system for the iPad™. It enables you to store a database of your resume information, including your employment history, education, achievements, skills, professional development and referees.

You can select from the information you have added to create a resume that is tailored to the specific role you are applying for.

ResumeBase will then create a RTF (Rich Text Format) document with the information you have selected to include. You can then print, email or open the document or a plain text version in another app to customize it further.

Website of the ResumeBase app

CV Writing

Writing a good CV is one of the most important tasks that any job seeker has to do. There is no right or wrong way of doing this and no magic formula that will quarantee interviews as all recruiting managers are different.

A good starting point is to produce a document that you would like to receive and enjoy reading if you were the recruiting manager. If you are struggling for inspiration ISL’s consultants will happily advice and consult you on this and why not check out the CV templates that Monster offer, there may be something there that helps!

CV Templates

Umbrella Companies for Contractors

ISL work with a large number of interim and contract professionals and for those that do not have their own Limited companies set up we often recommend a number of Umbrella companies, that offer excellent payroll and accountancy services to our consultants.

There are many out there and we are happy and able to engage with the majority, but some good ones to check out are:

ISL’s consultants will happily guide you through the process of how you register with an Umbrella company so please do not hesitate to ask.

IR35 and Opting Out

For any interim or contract professional it is important to be aware and up to date with government legislation and compliance, such as IR35 and the Conduct Regulations.

ISL look to work with Limited companies that are IR35 compliant and have ‘opted out’ of the regulations.

For further information some useful links to look at are:

Travel Planning

In preparing for an interview or assessing a potential role it is essential to understand the geographics and the practicalities around the journey. ISL’s consultants will help you as and where possible in assessing the journey, but below are some useful links for travel sites:

Online Timesheet Solution

ISL offer all our contractors and interims a sophisticated, technology based timesheet system, making the process of hassle free and easy. We use a system called ETZ which you can check out here: ETZ Home Page

Interview Advice

If you get nervous in interviews you are not alone. Job interviews are the primary method by which both employers and candidates judge each other. For employers, the objective of the interview is to qualify candidates. For candidates the goal is to receive offers. It’s important you make the right impression – check out ISL’s guide to interviewing!

Interview Advice