Boost Your Sales By Keeping Your Contracts Simple

cv-writeSales during difficult economic times are always a challenge and the internet is full of strategies for selling during a downturn. One way of boosting closing rates and customer satisfaction that is currently receiving plenty of attention on industry blogs is keeping your contract simple and straightforward. Below are a few ideas from various blogs we have come across.

Business is always best kept straightforward and jargon-free and easy to understand contracts are an important part of building trust and business relationships. These tips are designed to help you close deals by removing doubt and ambiguity from your contracts.

Keep It Simple

Contract terms and conditions are there for a reason but they don’t have to be written in incomprehensible legalese. Everybody who signs a contract should be able to understand all of its clauses. Review the terms and conditions in your contracts regularly and change any that regularly confuse your clients.

Typical pitfalls include the overuse of industry terminology and long legal paragraphs that are hard to follow. Also make sure that timeframes are clearly laid out in your contract.

While contracts are designed to cover all eventualities, each deal is different. Go through your contract prior to signing and make sure that both parties are happy with it. This builds trust and avoids later problems that may damage future sales.

Make Yes A Habit

Every time you explain a contract clause or condition to a prospective client and they agree you are creating trust and getting them to say yes. This is a vital part of the sales process.

The more times your client says yes to you the more likely they are to sign on the dotted line. Use contract discussions as an opportunity to make saying yes a habit.

Review, Explain, Understand

Even basic contracts can be interpreted in different ways so it is always worth reviewing each section before signing. Rather than treat the terms and conditions like a formality to be glossed over, use them as an opportunity to build trust and understanding.

If you find that the same areas cause confusion, then you know where to make improvements.

Say It All Again

Once you and your client are in agreement about the terms and conditions of a contract take the opportunity to go through timeframes and deliverables. Focus on what you are giving your prospective client rather than on what they have to do for you.

Both parties much be happy that the contract delivers what they want. By discussing contract conditions openly you are ensuring that there are no unpleasant surprises in the future.

Turn A Sale Into A Relationship

The ultimate aim of keeping your contracts simple and going through them in a friendly way is to build your relationship with each client. If they feel that they can trust you, then they are more likely to become repeat customers and to recommend your business to others.­

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