How to Attract Graduate Developers – Part 1: Advertising to Graduate Developers

The ways in which companies can attract high-calibre developers has changed dramatically over the last decade, so we’re running a two-part series on how to attract graduate developers. In Part 1 today, we’re showing you how to advertise to graduates in a way that works and will get developers through your doors this year. Next week in Part 2, we speak to the developers themselves to show you what they REALLY want to see from graduate roles in 2018!

Let’s get started…

The key is to not promote what you think are the best benefits about you company and the role, but instead, structuring your grad schemes around what they say they are looking for.

how to attract graduate developers

How can you do this?

Two great ways are heading straight out to market and directly asking graduates through online surveys or university visits, ‘what are really looking for from a graduate position this year?’ Alternatively, you can head over to forums such as the Student Room to understand what graduates are praising and complaining about when it comes to their current grad role or interview experiences. You will learn a lot!

So, we know the key is to position your advertisement from their perspective. How? We have some great ways you can do this:

Create stories of the typical graduate you would like to engage

If you can define exactly who you are trying to attract in terms of skills, behaviours, experience and career prospects, a great way of engaging this crowd is to create stories in your job advert about the ideal graduate who would like to hire. For example:

“Tom is a graduate with a 2.1 degree in Computer Science. Tom enjoys working on his own side projects and has also worked alongside experienced professionals in a tech-related internship or something similar. Tom is a hardworking individual with the drive to progress his career within the world of software development and is willing to relocate to London to fulfil this ambition.”

The trick here is that, like all candidates, graduates are attracted to roles that they feel they can relate to. By creating profile stories that match the skills you’re looking for, graduates who ‘fit the bill’ will instantly relate to ‘Tom’ and see themselves as well-suited to your company.

how to attract graduate developers

Talk to your current graduates

Your current graduates are great people to involve in the design and promotion of your graduate scheme, as they will be able to tell you what attracted them to your company and what they felt was missing. Using this information is invaluable when trying to gauge what really matters to modern day graduates.

Consider creating a video ad for your graduate scheme

A great way to help a graduate developer visualise themselves in your company is to show them what your current graduates get up to every day. Pictures speak louder than words, and the same goes for videos!

You may be thinking, ‘I have no idea how to create a video’, or ‘how interesting can you make coding look?’ Don’t worry, here’s how you do it:

This isn’t meant to be a television-ready, posed video – this is simply hiring a videographer for the day to come in and capture some natural footage of your graduates at work. This is a fantastic way to get your target graduates to visualise themselves in your company!

how to attract graduate developers

Footage doesn’t have to be solely of your graduates, ask the videographer to get some natural shots spanning your office and labs, and some footage of your senior developers working on more advanced projects, to demonstrate what your graduates will work towards.

Software developers are natural problem solvers, inherently looking to learn and develop their skills with a team to support them! If you experience a problem in your project’s code, don’t ask the videographer to come back another day once you’ve fixed it, instead – let him film you all brainstorming at the whiteboard, solving the problem as a team. This is what graduates really want to see – how they would integrate and get involved in the nitty-gritty problem solving on your projects … not just ‘ problem-solving skills’ listed on a job advert.

Getting Social

Millennials exist in a world dominated by social media – use this to deliver them the news of your new graduate show to attract graduate developerscheme! Consider taking part in #GradsHour on Twitter every Wednesday from 2-3pm, by posting your graduate vacancies at this time using the hashtag ‘GradsHour’ and Gradvert will retweet your vacancy to over 10,000 graduates! Consider sponsoring your social media grad advert on Facebook and Instagram to help your advert reach your target graduates!

Be fun! Try to show your business’ personality through videos and images and setting up/using your existing social channels to promote them!

So that’s part 1 of our two-part ‘Attracting Graduate Developers’ series! Want to hear it from the developers themselves? In part 2, we ask 3 top Software Developers and Computer Science graduates what they are looking for from their graduate role in 2018.

If you’re looking for high calibre software developers, give us a call today on 0117 428 0600 and let’s see how we can help you find that top talent for 2018!

How to Attract Graduate Developers – Part 2: We Speak to 2 Graduate Software Developers.

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