Jon Holland

Before entering the world of recruitment, Jon spent eight years working as an Engineer on civil and structural projects around the UK.

Jon joined ISL as a trainee and has since become the Team Leader of 10 successful IT consultants. Together they help companies build their own technology teams with a focus on Java, .NET, Node.js, Front-end, DevOps, QA, Product and Marketing in the London area.

Jon has spent the last few years personally building a network of super passionate and talented technologists through meetups, recommendations and referrals, mainly with a focus on Java. He’s now building new markets from scratch for new consultants to take over – his latest project is Mobile (iOS and Android).

If you are looking for a new role or looking to hire please contact Jon on 0117 4280600  or

Fun facts about Jon:

His hobbies are:

  • Traveling
  • ‌Techno music
  • Drawing

Interesting fact about Jon: Jon loves to draw sloths!

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